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About Us Security Systems

"Installing Peace of Mind" Since 2005

Customers include local police stations, airports, zoos, schools, car dealerships, marinas, and more.  Ask us how we can use technology to make your life easier.

Why Use VSE?

Access your live and recorded security systems video from any device with an internet connection (Smartphone, PC, MAC, tablet).  .See what really happened while you were away.  Prevent any public safety hazards.  Use your system as a marketing tool - How many customers do you get in an hour?  Where do they walk over to first?  Did our order actually come in on time?  Where did it go?  What happened?  How can I feel more secure without spending extra money?

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Night Time, Day Time, Low Light, Distance to Subjects.

That is what we literally focus on.  We feature industrial quality cameras, digital video recorders and network video recorders and cabling and we customize your system to suit your location and Your needs (as opposed to any off the shelf box store temporary system).  VSE is simply the best tool to have, to secure your business.